Solaris 27 Foto

I bought for my Anfisochka two  swimsuits. One is snow-white, the other is peach. I really liked the interesting style, it looks like a girl’s costume from the movie “the Fifth element”. But these swimsuits are decorated with large stones with a holographic coating, and they Shine very strongly from the sun’s rays and create iridescent highlights. This snow-white swimsuit Anfisochka wore only for sunbathing and wore her favorite white hat with a huge brim. At the same time, it turned into a real diamond.I know that our sponsors are really the best people who actually support Anfisa. I really hope that I will never see these photos on other sites. I really will send her into retirement. 


One response to “Solaris 27 Foto”

  1. Peter Avatar

    Anfisa looks so beautiful in these photos! I like how she is winking at the camera in one picture from this set. Well done.